Coronation Eve

It was the night before Coronation all through St. Paul...
It is Coronation eve, tomorrow one of our 6 princesses will be crowned Miss Shamrock 2019. Here is a bit of advice from former Miss Shamrocks, and past princesses. They were asked the question "What is the best piece of coronation advice you can give?"

*Miss Shamrock 2002 Annie Markwardt says: "Enjoy your year, Miss Shamrock or princess, meet people and create experiences!"

*Terri Barber, Shamrock Princess 2003 says: "As the butterflies fill your stomach, knowing that who ever is crowned you will be happy! And as you reflect on all the fun and amazing memories you have made during this journey, take with you all the new friends and family you have gained, no one walks away unhappy."

*Miss Shamrock 2015 Shellie Pearson says: "Focus on who you have become over the last 6 weeks, who you have met, what you have experienced, and the bond that you have between the 6 of you and the SPA."

*Miss Shamrock 2011 Natalie Neuville says: "SMILE!...because there are lots of cameras! Be gracious-both Miss Shamrock AND her princesses need all the love and support you have to make 2019 a great year. HAVE FUN- because each and every one of you is now gaining a very fun and very loving family with the St. Patrick's Association that will be there for you always! Slainte! And welcome to the family!"

Miss Shamrock 2010 Katie Martin says: "If you feel that crown hitthe top of your head- get ready for a wild ride! It starts with your brain shutting down while people take pictures. Then someone will hand you a microphone with absolutely no instruction with what to say. Please don't do what I did (sound like an idiot and babble). My advice is simple: keep it short, thank your family, your friends, and the Association for the honor. Thank your fellow princesses. This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity, and tell everyone you'll see them at the parade on Saturday!"

Abbi Glancy Shamrock Princess 2011 says: "My advice is to stay around, grow with your Irish family, see everything that goes on."

Emily Casey-Hare Shamrock Princess 2016 says: "The best advice I can give going into coronation is that no matter who gets crowned up on stage, that doesn't define your time with the group. What defines you is all the laughs,the fun karaoke nights, bus nights with the pipers, and all the Irish cheer you have spread across the Twin Cities! As that crown floats above your head (which will be the longest minute of your life) think of all the reasons why you decided to run for Miss Shamrock, and all the fun times you had running. If that doesn't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what will. We all know there can only be one Miss Shamrock crowned each year. That doesn't mean it's over. Go into coronation with the mindset that your coming back no matter what, you won't regret that decision one bit! Also take a million pictures!"

On to Coronation.... and to all a good night!

53rd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade will Take Place Snow or Shine on Saturday, March 16

St. Paul, MN, March 6, 2019 - The St. Patrick’s Association has released the official parade route for the 53rd annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in St. Paul, MN. The parade will start at noon on Saturday, March 16, in Lowertown near Mears Park. The route continues down 5th street and ends around Rice Park. 
With the snowiest February in Minnesota history just closing out, the Association anticipates a large turnout of Minnesotans who are anxious for the first signs of spring. Last year’s parade attendance is estimated at 50,000 spectators. Participants in the parade included 70-80 clans, many of whom have been marching in this parade for decades. 

St. Patrick’s Association President, Jeff Schmidt says, “Over the past 53 years, we’ve seen pretty much every type of weather from 80 degrees and sunny to cold snow and sleet. The one thing that remains constant year over year is the dedication of the citizens of St. Paul to celebrate this wonderful event.” 

This year’s parade will be led by 2019 Grand Marshall: Tim McNiff, 2019 Distinguished Irish Woman: Mary Beth Yarrow, Honorary Irish Man: Father Dan Haugen, 2019 Celebrity Grand Marshall: Dennis Hall, 2019 Mr. Pat: Tom Whaley, and 2019 Miss Shamrock (yet to be crowned) along with all of the Shamrock Princesses and Blarney Brothers. The coronation for the 2019 Miss Shamrock will take place on Tuesday, March 12 at 6:30 p.m. 

For more information about the parade visit
http://www.stpatsmn.org/parade. Also, be sure to follow @StPatricksAssociationStPaulMn on Facebook, @stpatsassociation on Instagram or @StPats_mn on Twitter. 

2019 St. Paul Saint Patrick’s Day Parade FAQs:
Why is the parade on the 16th, not the 17th?
It’s a St. Patrick’s Association tradition that the parade always take place on the 17th unless it falls on a holy day or a Sunday. This year, the 17th falls on a Sunday, so the parade will take place on the 16th.

Where does the parade go? 
You can find the official parade route map at:
http://www.stpatsmn.org/parade.The parade starts near Mears Park and travels along 5th Street towards Rice Park.

Where can I park?
The City of St. Paul provides an interactive parking map to assist with finding parking in downtown.  Go to
St Paul Parking for more information on downtown St. Paul parking and rates.

Can I march in the parade? 
You are not allowed to march in the parade unless you have completed a parade application and have an assigned unit number. The application deadline has passed for this year’s parade.

Who is this year’s Miss Shamrock? 
Miss Shamrock will be crowned on Wednesday, March 12 with the program starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Crooked Pint Ale House in Maplewood. Doors for the event open at 5:00 p.m.