Miss Shamrock

2018 Miss Shamrock: Genny Duffy


Each year the Association invites Irish women 21-and-over to become Miss Shamrock Princesses. The princesses spend six weeks together selling buttons and spreading the Irish cheer. From these princesses the Association chooses the year's Miss Shamrock. The princesses and Miss Shamrock spend the remainder of the year visiting area parades and festivals as representatives of the association.

Genny is originally from the suburbs of Chicago and Irish, this combination could explain why she’s a loud extrovert.  Genny and her friends agree the most awkward and bizarre scenarios seem to happen to her; bright-side she’s a good storyteller.  Softball has been a huge part of her life and she’s continued coaching after my collegiate career. Genny loves sharing the trials and tribulations from her days as a player with her players.Genny grew up in a family that takes great pride in being Irish Catholic. Naturally she’s here to add to that family with St. Paul!

Miss Shamrock is chosen by the members of the Association and crowned the week before Saint Patrick's Day. Miss Shamrock is chosen based on her representation of the Association as a Miss Shamrock Princess.

She has the honor of representing the Association in a  variety of parades and cultural festivals throughout the year