2017 Shamrock Princesses 

Each year the Association invites Irish women 21-and-over to become Miss Shamrock Princesses. The princesses spend six weeks together selling buttons and spreading the Irish cheer. From these princesses the Association chooses the year's Miss Shamrock. The princesses and Miss Shamrock spend the remainder of the year visiting area parades and festivals as representatives of the association.

Meet your 2017 Shamrock Princesses 
If  you can’t find Alex your best bet is to look for the nearest animal because she is probably loving it up! On the farm or at St.Paul Pet Hospital Alex gets to share her passion for animals. Teaching dance to kids at Dance Tech Studios puts the biggest smile on her face. Alex became an ordained minister in hope to bring people together in faith as St.Patrick did with the people of Ireland. Growing up in an Irish Catholic family St.Patrick’s day has always been a big deal...church, green hair and all. Now she can’t wait to to celebrate St.Patrick’s day with all her new Irish friends.
Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?
I think I would make a great Miss Shamrock because being a role model, especially for a community that shares my heritage, is the greatest feeling. Knowing that you inspired someone or made someone smile makes my heart so full! If I had the honor to be Miss Shamrock that would be my goal everyday. I want everyone to see how happy and loving us Irish folk are that they'll be saying "I'm a wee bit Irish!" because they want to be apart of our amazing family.
Originally from Fergus Falls, MN, Alyssa ventured westward in 2010 to explore her passion for sustainability and environmental issues. She spent a year in San Francisco, CA before eventually moving to “The City of Roses,” Portland, OR to attend college. Alyssa completed her B.S. degree in Environmental Studies, and developed a great love for hiking and outdoor exploration - She even summited the third tallest mountain in Oregon! While out west, Alyssa also volunteered for two years as a community outreach liaison with the Oregon Environmental Council, educating citizens on green initiatives and environmental health issues. St. Paul is where she and her husband now choose to call home. They have everything they need - great community, opportunities for outdoor recreation, diverse culture, family and friends!
Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?
I can strike up a conversation with anyone, and establish a meaningful connection with a total stranger. I enjoy meeting new people, and being part of an inclusive, fun group such as SPA. As recent transplant to St. Paul, I strive to further immerse myself in the community, while celebrating my Irish heritage.  
Andrea is the youngest of 5 and was born and raised on the East Side of St. Paul.  She has two sons, Cody, 21 and Shane, 18.  Shane has severe, non-verbal autism and epilepsy. Andrea spends the majority of her time helping him in the community and with living skills.  He keeps her very active.  It can be challenging at times, but Andrea stays positive with prayer and a little luck of the Irish!  In her spare time, she enjoys playing sports, camping, music, family and friends.  Andrea is also lucky enough to be related to Bishop Paul Dudley.
Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

I think I would make a great Miss Shamrock.  I would be honored to represent St. Paul with a positive outlook and help the community through volunteering and advocating.  I am also so excited for this new adventure. I love that I am getting to meet new people, see new things and share it with others. I want to keep spreading Irish cheer and autism awareness with patience, kindness and Irish love. 

Becca is currently employed as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) with a local Hospice agency. She enjoys her job visiting many patients throughout the week emphasizing on the geriatric population. She is a Junior at St. Catherine University majoring in Nursing. Her goals after graduation are to continue working with the elderly in a Home Health Care position. In her free time she is often found at a local kickboxing studio. Becca's Irish heritage comes from her Great-Grandmother Lilly Mae McCurdy and her step-father who is a proud O'Ryan. Throughout her life she has been taught to be very proud of her ancestry 

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

If I were chosen to be Miss Shamrock, I would take great pride in representing the St. Paul St. Patrick's Association throughout the year by spreading Irish cheer through the community and by volunteering. I have the energy, passion and commitment to share our Irish heritage with others. I would love to take this opportunity to give back to our community and neighbors throughout Minnesota. 

 Brenna grew un in North St. Paul.  She moved back to Minnesota a year ago and is currently living and working in Plymouth with her boyfriend and rescued dog Gizmo.  Growing up Brenna's family always celebrated their Irish heritage year round.  She has a deep connection to Ireland on both sides of her family.  Brenna loves everything about her Irish roots.  The food, the culture, the symbolic meaning and most of all the people.  Everyone is treated like family.  Brenna's family and friends mean the world to her, and she wouldn't have it any other way.  For the last 3 years Brenna has been running in 5K's and 7K's that raise money for charities throughout the state.  This year she has joined the MS committee  through her workplace.  She is very excited to be part of two great organizations that do so much for those in their communities.
Why do you think you would be a great Miss Shamrock?
I would make a great Miss Shamrock because I love my community almost as much as I love my Irish roots.  I am so excited to be part of such an amazing organization and cannot wait to spread my enthusiasm for the Irish community.  I am super outgoing, loves to have fun and a good role model to future Miss Shamrocks.  Giving back to a community that has given me so much is an amazing thing.  Doing it with tons of Irish pride is even better.

Bria grew up in Lake Elmo, MN and recently moved to Maplewood, MN with her friend.  She grew up in an Irish household and attended every Saint Patrick's Day parade with her Mom, Dad and two sisters.  Growing up, Bria did Irish Dancing with the Shamrock School of Irish Step Dance.  Her grandpa came from Ireland so Bria has always embraced her Irish heritage.  In her spare time, Bria loves to volunteer around the community, helping as many organizations as she can!  She also likes to test my luck at bingo when she can!

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

I think that I would be a great Miss Shamrock for a few reasons.  I am very outgoing and love to meet new people.  Being outgoing is a great trait for Miss Shamrock because she will have to meet and talk to a lot of new people!  When I go to new places or new events, my favorite part is to go out and make sure that I talk to everyone and get to know them.  I work bingo at Wild Bills in Woodbury and love going around meeting the customers as well as selling them bingo cards!  Another reason would be because I am involved in the community and would love to do more!  I have volunteered at many places around the Twin Cities including CCEFS, Feed My Starving Children and many others!


While Caitlin was born in Germany, she comes from a big Irish Catholic family.  Her father served 20 years in the United States Army and their family moved eight times in fifteen years.  Caitlin moved to Minnesota as a sophomore in high school where she attended Cretin-Derham Hall.  She attended the University of Notre Dame where she was involved with Special Olympics and intramural sports.  Caitlin is currently finishing her master’s program in Early Childhood Special Education at the University of Minnesota.  She is very excited to begin teaching in her own classroom next fall! 

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

To me St. Patrick’s Day is all about family, fun, and Irish pride.  St. Patrick’s Day has always been my favorite holiday.  We were trained in The Unicorn Song at a young age and my love for this holiday has only grown since moving to Minnesota in high school.  I love sharing my excitement and energy with others and this would be a perfect way to do that.  The St. Patrick’s Association gives us all the opportunity to be a part of the larger Minnesota Irish family.  I would love the chance to represent such a great organization rooted in charity and good times as Miss Shamrock.


Jess is not your typical Minnesotan. She roots for the Hawkeye's and Packers with ardent devotion- her neighbors can attest. Jess lives a life of unity, passion and themes with an ever-present underscore of music. She loves getting involved in the community and helping to better the world around her; Jess finds passion in bringing people together. She lives a life of variety, spontaneity and curiosity. What she loves most about this holiday is its ability to bring people together regards of being Irish. Together, we share the spirit of the Irish. 
Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock? 
My favorite part about St. Patrick's Day is the ability to unite everyone in the spirit of the Irish. Whether you are Irish, or not, you're Irish for the day. It would be my honor to serve as Miss Shamrock to continue sharing my passion for celebrating community & family, my passion for storytelling and my ambition to effectively lead with others. Beyond the Miss Shamrock sash and crown I believe that my compassion for others and value of integrity would make me an ideal candidate for this years Miss Shamrock in continuing the mission of Miss Shamrock and the St. Paul St. Patrick's Association. Thank you for your kind consideration and look forward to serving the St. Paul St. Patrick's Association. 
Kaila was born and raised in St. Paul with her parents and 2 younger siblings. She currently resides in St. Anthony with her husband, 2 cats, and 2 guinea pigs. Her grandmother always made sure that they knew we were Irish, even if it was only a portion of our background.  She works full time at a local restaurant in Roseville where she has many regulars that she enjoys building relationships with.  She is also attending college online at Southern New Hampshire University in her pursuit of a bachelors in Psychology.
Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock:
I believe I would make a great Miss Shamrock 2017 because I would love to get more involved in the community and make a difference in people’s lives.  Even if it is just making a little girl smile when she sees a princess wave at her.  I want to be a positive role model through charity work and just being apart of this association would be an honor.  Being apart of raising money for various charities and volunteering would be a huge accomplishment in my life.
Kianna (Kiki)
Kianna is from Hendereson, MN.  She is 23 years old and graduated from LeSueur Henderson High School in 2011.  Her interests include sports, reading, being around kids and learning new things.  Kianna works as a nanny for 2 kids, ages 2 and a hald years old and 8 and a half months old.  She also works at a gas station and is an independent distributor for It Works!  In her free time, Kianna loves to volunteer and give back, especially in her community.  Any chance she gets to help give back to her town or county she does what she can to help the cause.
Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?
I am a well rounded person.  I get along with people of all ages.  I can easily talk to kids, adults and the elderly.  I can easily adapt to any situation.  I love being around people, especially meeting new people.  Meeting new people is a fun challenge for me.  It makes me analyze the person and figure out a way to get to know them and create a new friendship.

When Meghan is not busy chasing around her 2 furry cats and 2 loveable dogs, you can find this proud Irish wife & mother attending her 16-year-old daughter’s softball games, volunteering, loyally working out at the gym, socializing with friends, playing softball, broomball or bowling.   She loves concerts and 80’s music as much as the women in commercials love their yogurt.  Meghan is totally superstitious and love the #3! 

Meghan graduated from The College of Saint Catherine and has two degrees in Early Childhood Education and Sociology.  While she is a Stillwater native,(GO PONIES), she currently reside in Maplewood on Lake Gervais.

 Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

I would make a great Miss Shamrock because I believe how we live our life is far more important than how we say we live our life.  As Miss Shamrock, I would lead by example with my fun inter-activeness Irish spirit, mixed in with the appropriate Irish sassiness and professionalism by contributing and giving back to the community.  One of our prime purposes in this life is to help others in need and provide positive support.

THANK YOU  St. Patrick’s Association for giving me this opportunity to represent. It’s already been a complete thrill! 
Melissa is an ambassador for the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Shakopee, MN.  She is the JCI Shakopee membership director.  Melissa grew up in St Paul, MN and currently lives in Jordan, MN.  She met her wonderful husband of less than a year at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  They have 2 dogs, ISIS and Marvin, 2 cats, Ginny and Percy and 3 fish, Fred and friends.  Melissa has a large extended family throughout the Twin Cities area.  Her maternal great grandparents named O'Malley came from Mayo County Ireland.
Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?
I am a very energetic, outgoing person.  I am also a people pleaser who loves to volunteer at various organizations such as: Pinky Swear Foundation, Operation Glass Slipper, Jaycee's Organization, Feed My Starving Children and the Renaissance Festival.  I love people and animals.  I am a family person.
In closing, I feel I would make an excellent Miss Shamrock and would be honored to represent the Saint Patrick's Association.
Samantha A.
Typically you’ll see Samantha assisting surgery patients transitioning back to the community from HCMC. She is currently studying to pass her next social work board exam in June. In her free time, she is a dance team judge and an active alum of her undergrad college. She likes to hang out with her cat, Pumpkin and her husband, Kevin watching comedies. Samantha grew up as an only child but her extended Irish family is large (Nine aunts and three uncles with their own families).
Samantha had the opportunity in college to study music culture and history in Louisburgh, Co. Mayo. She now looks back at the experiences of kissing the Blarney stone, visiting The Burren and climbing Croagh Patrick as memories of her ancestors who lived in a much more different and difficult world. Samantha is excited to become a part of such a great organization that means so much to a proud city with its ability to give back through community presence, volunteerism, donations and spreading the Irish cheer. 
Samantha H

Sam was born and raised in Clear Lake, Minnesota, the oldest of four children. Growing up, she was surrounded by a large and loud Irish family, with 13 aunts and uncles and 26 cousins on her mom’s side alone. Thanks to her aunt, Anne, she became interested in her family history and Irish background, which prompted her to attend Irish focused classes and events.

After graduating from Becker High School, Sam moved to St. Paul to study at the University of St. Thomas. She majored in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Physics, and graduated in the spring of 2016. While at St. Thomas she was heavily involved with a number of clubs, such as the Society of Women Engineers, Women’s Club Lacrosse, and Formula 1 Society of Automotive Engineers, a club that designs, builds, and races a Formula 1 style race car. After graduating, she joined the STEM Alumni Mentoring program.

Currently, Sam works at Emerson Rosemount as an Electrical Supplier Performance Engineer. Through Emerson, she has had the opportunity to work with many great people and participate in volunteer activities to give back to her community. 

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

I would love to be Miss Shamrock because one of my favorite things is meeting new people. I’m so excited to be a part of St. Patrick’s Association and to continue the work that has been done by current and past members. I also believe that I would be an excellent Miss Shamrock because I would like to keep exploring and celebrating my Irish heritage while connecting with others who are both Irish and Irish-in-spirit!

 Tina is originally from Somerset WI but has lived in St Paul most of her life. She graduated from Mankato State University and has since been working for Wells Fargo.  Tina will be celebrating my 15 year anniversary this year.  Tina has two amazing brothers and an older sister (she got the red hair). She is sarcastic and witty, but charming and has a contagious laugh. Tina loves being auntie to her neices and nephews. In her free time she loves to get creative in the kitchen, workout and take walks with friends and their dogs.

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?
I would make an amazing Miss Shamrock because I love St Patrick’s Day and I love St Paul. I am very proud of my Irish heritage.  I have attended the parade for years and it is my absolute favorite MN event.  I am vivacious, energetic, outgoing and friendly. I love making new friends and meeting new people. In addition, volunteer work and giving back is very important to me.  I have volunteered for the Irish fair for the past 3 years, the Salvation Army and the Union Gospel mission.  I look forward to have the opportunity to combine my two loves of volunteering and sharing my love of all things Irish.