2018 Shamrock Princesses 

Each year the Association invites Irish women 21-and-over to become Miss Shamrock Princesses. The princesses spend six weeks together selling buttons and spreading the Irish cheer. From these princesses the Association chooses the year's Miss Shamrock. The princesses and Miss Shamrock spend the remainder of the year visiting area parades and festivals as representatives of the association.

Meet your 2018 Shamrock Princesses 
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Brandi is a true St. Paulie girl and loves the city with all her heart. She grew up in Mahtomedi with a very lively mom, dad and three fur brothers; most recent being Kopper Boady – the most adorable fellow-redheaded Brittany. Oh, she does also have a younger human sister whom she loves. Brandi enjoys gallivanting throughout the world catching herself some adventure; be it traveling, trying new athletic endeavors, song-writing or being with friends. She also hates cheese, please don’ t hold that against her. Honored to be a Miss Shamrock Princess this 2018, some may say she is tickled “green” with excitement!

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

With my newfound knowledge that my family does in fact hail from the Emerald Isle, to say my world has become a tad brighter is an understatement. I have always had a deep love and appreciation of the culture, people, and music of Ireland and for the longest time, have held an Irish pride and energy bottled up within me.  I cannot begin to express how excited I am to let it all rise to the surface and live out my best, and most Irish life. The best part, I get to share it with such a large and equally passionate community of people.

A little about me. I consider myself to be a social-introvert. I am an internal thinker and deeply ponder my thoughts and often find myself hyper-aware to observe my surroundings and the people around me. I enjoy filling up my life by meeting new people and getting to know what makes them tick. Finding out what brings them joy, where they struggle and working to figure out how I can help is how my brain works. I adjust well to any situation and keep a cool head and an open ear, always respecting and valuing people’ s perspectives. I always find myself learning and growing after each interaction I have.

Why do I believe I would make a good Miss Shamrock 2018?

The SPA was started as a spirited tribute, and I believe that Miss Shamrock should be the embodiment of that spirit to honor that foundation in which the SPA and parade have been built ​upon. I believe it is so important going into year 52, that the community continues to feel like they can approach Miss Shamrock with ease, together celebrating all things Irish love.

I represent both sides of the lucky coin. I understand all of those who stand along the side of the parade year over year, adorned in all their green, without a drop of Irish in them yet still full to the brim with joy and Celtic energy. I am now also getting to know a life where I can claim I have Irish heritage, now truly understanding the joy and pride of being able to celebrate that.

With me, everyone can be Irish. Not just for a day, but throughout the year. Because it is about the spirit that Miss Shamrock and many others help to portray, that emerald beacon of acceptance, love and shamrocks! To me, Miss Shamrock is the embodiment of inclusion, respect, and camaraderie –  all things I strive to implement within my daily life and self.

I have had the pleasure of being involved with many great non-profit organizations and I can think of nothing better than becoming part of an organization which helps to support so many in my very own community and beyond. Not to mention, I am traveling to Ireland this summer and what better way to represent Miss Shamrock than to return to the motherland!?



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Clare is a certified social butterfly of St. Paul.  She was blessed to grow up around the West 7th area where some of her favorite memories include: Attending Mass at Assumption, watching the Winter Carnival parade outside of Grand 7th and walking in the St. Patrick’s Day parade with my family.  As an adult, she is lucky to call West 7th her home along with her honorary Irish Australian Shepherd Murphy.  This year, Clare can’t wait to celebrate her Irish heritage and the incredible time honored tradition of St. Patrick’s Day in St. Paul along with the St. Pats Association and the rest of my city. 

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

Growing up, Miss Shamrock was always a dream.  The lore, the legend surrounding the title, including having two of my aunts as past princesses has inspired my run this year.  My love for the city of St. Paul and it’s rich Irish tradition is one of the things I believe would make me a great Miss Shamrock.  My faith and family come first in everything I do which I believe shines through in my interactions every day.  My heart is made up of the finest leprechaun gold and I would be honored to represent the Irish community and St. Pat’s Association of St. Paul.


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Genny is originally from the suburbs of Chicago and Irish, this combination could explain why she’s a loud extrovert.  Genny and her friends agree the most awkward and bizarre scenarios seem to happen to her; bright-side she’s a good storyteller.  Softball has been a huge part of her life and she’s continued coaching after my collegiate career. Genny loves sharing the trials and tribulations from her days as a player with her players.Genny grew up in a family that takes great pride in being Irish Catholic. Naturally she’s here to add to that family with St. Paul!

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

Although I am a transplant to the Minneapolis-St.Paul area from the suburbs of Chicago, I have been blessed to have found a loving community through my time on the University of St. Thomas fastpitch team. I hope to expand on this community with those who share my heritage, as well as be a role model to the young girls in the city. I bring energy and passion to all I do.

Since my collegiate career ended I have found passion in coaching, and enjoy sharing my athletic experience and challenges with young female athletes. Empowering them to be confident and courageous enough to see failure as an opportunity and to see success as a result of hard work, sacrifice, discipline and love for their passions is something I strive to do and bring to the role of Miss Shamrock.

I take great pride in being Irish and hope to help give back to this great community, all while representing a historic and charitable organization as Miss Shamrock.



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Jacquelyn is the proud mother of 2 Jack (13), Evelyn (2). She works in her home as a PCA for her son Jack who is on the Autism Spectrum. She is also an active member in her healthcare union. Jacquelyn is passionate about pursuing justice for people with disabilities, their family and caregivers through political action and advocacy. She is also the founding member of Eastside Moms, a meet up group for parents in the east metro.

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

I think I would make a great Miss Shamrock because I deeply love our great city of Saint Paul, our rich history of Irish culture, the mission of the St. Pat’s Association and of course, the greatest parade in the nation! I believe it would be a great privilege and an honor to represent the association as Miss Shamrock in 2018.



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Descended from a long line of stubborn Irish folk, Madison Jerde’s passion for her heritage sprang from her grandfather, who was so proud of his ancestry, he bestowed his grandchildren with Irish-themed greeting cards—regardless of the holiday.

Madison currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she works as a graphic designer for a local architecture firm. In her free time, you can find her attending social and cultural events throughout the Twin Cities, singing Irish drinking songs at inappropriate times, and playing hard-hitting roller derby with her league, North Star Roller Derby.

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

I believe it is necessary to acknowledge and embrace a variety of cultures in order to better understand ourselves as a global society. I would be a great Miss Shamrock because I would focus on promoting our Irish heritage and traditions in order to encourage a multifaceted and enriched perspective within our local and national communities.



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Melady is 26 years old.  She is a very bubbly young lady who was born and raised in St. Paul.  Melady grew up loving sports and the outdoors.  The Minnesota Moose will always be her favorite team.  Downtown St. Paul is home for Melady.  Growing up on St. Clair she was pretty central to everything.  She went to Highland Park High School and graduated in 2010.  Most days you will find Melady at the Mall of America working at Helzberg Diamonds.  She enjoys her job probably more than someone should, but it’s hard not to when you sell diamonds, a girl’s best friend.

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

I would make a great Miss Shamrock because my Irish heritage has always been something close to me.  The history, folklore and respect the people share is strong.  I am sweet and outgoing.  I’ll use this to my advantage to share the wonderful St. Patrick’s Day spirit.



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If you have yet to meet her, prepare to hear her coming… This next princess surely has the Irish “gift of gab”! Mikaela “Mik” Pauser is energetic, loud and proud. During high school at Bloomington Jefferson, she found a place for that voice and learned the importance of teamwork through her competitive cheerleading team and by winning Nationals in 2013. Since then, Mik is pursuing a Communication Studies degree. She enjoys singing at karaoke nights, spending time with her family, and waitressing at the Gold Nugget in Minnetonka.  Mik is ecstatic to be a part of a team again, and can’t wait to get to know her new Irish family better!

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

I would make a great Miss Shamrock because I love St Patrick’s day, I love being Irish, I will represent the Association well, and I really want to make a positive impact within the community. I love meeting new people, I have no problems talking to strangers, and making connections with people is my strong suit. Everyone who knows me well says I am a social butterfly, and I’m always Minnesota nice. If chosen as Miss Shamrock, I will represent the Association, St Paul, and the Irish community with grace, kindness and an energetic presence. However for me, It’s not just about winning. It’s about making the connections, making new friendships, and really becoming apart of this community. Whether I win or not, I’m in this for the long haul, and I can’t wait to begin!



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Morgan Reidy is 24 years old and originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She comes from a very large Irish Catholic family. She adventurous, outgoing, constantly singing and dancing like no one is watching and always looks on the bright side of life. Morgan earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts from Eastern Illinois University in 2015. Then in October of 2016, she spontaneously moved up to Minneapolis. She only knew one person. It was a big risk, but it was the best decision she ever made. Morgan works as an Operations Rep for Granite Logistics, where she gets to talk to truck drivers all over the country. In her free time, Morgan enjoys bargain shopping, exploring new places and currently in search of the best donuts in Minnesota! One day, she hopes to open her own goat farm. Until then, Morgan is enjoying every day with a huge smile on her face.

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

Just thinking about being Miss Shamrock 2018 brings a smile to my face and chills down my arm. My quirky personality will shine. My confidence will show my capability to actively and creatively promote the St. Patrick’s Association and the Miss Shamrock pageant. With this, I will seek to encourage a future generation of Irish women to step out of their comfort zone and explore the joys of being Irish. I will take great pride in representing the Association, the princesses and the Irish community of the Twin Cities and Minnesota.



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Paige is a student at Metro State studying accounting.  Spring is an exciting time for her as it’s tax season.  She volunteers doing low income family taxes through Community Action in St. Paul.  Another part of Paige’s time is spent being an assistant coach for a youth hockey team.  Paige’s family is a big part of her life, so staying true to her Irish heritage is very dear to her heart.  Aithne being Paige’s Celtic middle name meaning “fire” puts her red hair to a new perspective.

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

It’s important for me to be active as a positive influence in my community.  That’s why I coach youth and volunteer my time to preparing taxes.  I’m engaging and friendly and would be a good reflection of our St. Patrick’s Association



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Treasure is a Mom of one (Parker), a wife, a student and a staffing coordinator.  She loves, crochet, fishing and being “up north”.  Treasure loves people and learning about people.  She loves to be out and about but also likes her downtime.  During the week you will find Treasure hanging out with her family or reading a good book.  On the weekends you’ll see her out with friends!

Why do you think you would make a great Miss Shamrock?

I think I would be great because I am all about community, advocation and fun!  I think Miss Shamrock has the opportunity to utilize all three words.  She can be a part of her community, advocate (for everyone) and have fun while doing it!  I want to be a part of that.